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I originally wanted to head over to another brunch location but it was noon-ish and that place closes at 1pm (sigh) but I am glad I had Plan B! Zachary’s that serves brunch till 4 pm!

Wait was about 30 minutes when we got there, which was not too bad considering the number of people before us (about 8 parties). It is a pretty big place~

I liked the casual vibe of this establishment. It is big but still quite intimate with the booths and art work all around the space and wooden chairs and shelving.

Menu is fairly extensive with something for everyone:

There is also a lunch section; with burgers, sandwiches, salads and more:


We ordered:

Zach’s “Bennie” $9.50

Three poached eggs served on an herb roll, topped with cream sauce & crumbled bacon and a side of home fries.

Pretty good rendition of egg benedict. Instead of hollandaise, this is served with a creamy sauce (almost like a mornay sauce). The sauce is subtle, light and tied the whole dish together really well. The bacon bits were crispy and added a nice saltiness to the dish.

Eggs were poached perfectly but the bread got way too soggy from the sauce, it was not heavy enough to hold up to sheer amount of cream sauce. I would probably request for half the amount of sauce if we ever head back.

The fried potatoes were delicious! They tasted full of lard or butter (hard to tell with the seasoning) and had nice chunks of onions and seasoned perfectly.


Corned Beef Hash & Eggs $9.50

Two eggs nestledd in a corned beef & home fries hash, topped with green onions & served with choice of toasted homemade bread (sourdough here)

Our favourite of the day! The corned beef were delicious little cubes that were nice and tender. The hash was great with onions, potatoes and green onions, seasoned perfectly and even better with the egg yolg. Both eggs were cooked to perfect sunny side ups. Sourdough toast was good with a generous lump of butter in the centre for spreading.


Spicy Italian Scramble $9.50 (exclude tomatoes, add bacon $1.95)

Italian sausage scramble with two eggs, mozzarella cheese; served with home fries (or fresh fruit) and choice of toasted homemade bread (Oatmeal)

This was pretty good. A little disappointing because the eggs were way overcooked, so it was not fluffy but just dry and chunky. There was a good amount of bacon, sausage and cheese that made great bites. I think I should have left the tomatoes in for moisture and it probably would be better.

Again, the home fries were delicious – seasoned perfectly with bits crisped up from pan frying, and filled with lard/butter. And the homemade Oatmeal bread was delicious!! It was nice and soft (even after being toasted) with a hint of sweetness.


Mike’s Mess $9.95

Three eggs, bacon, mushrooms & home fries all mixed together & topped with cheese, sour cream, tomatoes & green onions; served with toasted homemade bread (Oatmeal)

This was a ridiculous amount of food; there had to be about 2 lbs of food in total on that plate. It was actually not bad; I found there was way too much potatoes and not enough eggs. Lotsa bacon and cheese though. The sour cream and tomatoes add a nice freshness and creaminess to each bite. Not bad~



Side of bacon $2.65 – Nice and crispy~

3 coffees @ $1.85 each – decent coffee, I would expect better from a breakfast place but it was just ok.

1 Tangerine juice $2.60

The juice is fresh squeezed (& seasonal). Very very good and perfect thirst quencher especially after waiting in the sun for 1/2 hours for a table.



Total Damage: $68 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Very good)

Prices were pretty standard and comparable to other breakfast places in the Bay Area but huge generous portions. Other than the corn beef hash & bennie, we did not finish our food at all. Food was good all aroud, fresh homemade breads were excellent and their potatoes were to die for.

Service was ok; the servers look almost flustered and was not aware of who just got seated and who have been waiting so we flagged one over to order. Food came out surprisingly fast (they must have a crazy kitchen staff with orders flying out of the kitchen). One downside though, the server was so busy that she actually forget our side of french toast (which I really wanted to try) but she came over to say she forgot so we canceled it since we were getting quite stuffed.




819 Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 427-0646

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