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H, S and I were thinking of picking up some lunch before they had to head off to the airport. I suggested a couple places that were close to home and they ended up picking Sushi Infinity~ My experiences here have been up & down in the past 8 mths so I was hoping this trip will be different.

Lunch menu includes $16.95 all you can eat option or a two page lunch menu with bento options and a la carte options. You can also order the rolls off the all you can eat menu a la carte.


We ended up ordering:

Salmon Deluxe $10.75

Spicy salmon roll, topped with salmon sashimi, avaocado and a sweet sauce. There is also a drizzle of sesame oil and sesame seeds on top.

H & S really enjoyed the roll, I thought it was not bad. I was a little put off by the sesame oil, which I noticed Sushi Infinity likes to put on a lot of their rolls. But the roll was well made, with a nice thin layer of rice, good amount of spicy salmon and the green onions gave it a nice crunch in every bite.


Bento box w Beef Teriyaki & Mixed Tempura $9.25

The beef was nice thin layers of beef rather than the usual minced up slivers. Teriyaki sauce was really thick, sweet & salty. Salad was meh – good fresh crisp lettuce with a light miso dressing. Tempura looked good (I didn’t try any) but it had nice crunch and H really enjoyed it.


Bento Box w Chicken Teriyaki & Tuna and Salmon Sashimi $9.25

S was deciding between Lunch All You Can Eat or a bento and ended up with the bento. We were all impressed w the amount of chicken that came with his bento; there was actually more chicken than rice! They used dark meat pieces for the teriyaki. Same sauce as before that was good. The chicken was a little overdone for my liking. Sashimi choice came with 2 slices of salmon and 2 slices of tuna. It was actually tuna belly rather than the usual maguro which he really enjoyed.


Bento Box w Salmon Teriyaki & Salmon Sashimi $9.25

When my bento was put in front of me, I smiled. I appreciated the delicate salmon sashimi flower that the sushi chef arranged. 🙂 The salmon sashimi was good – it tasted fresh and firm. The teriyaki sauce is the same as the rest, sweet and salty. I found there was a little too much sauce on my salmon but no biggie. The salad was ok. Salmon teriyaki was a thin slice of salmon fillet that is cooked well.



Total Damage: $52 (including 2 teas, tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 2.75 out of 5 (Average)

The lunch bento boxes are pretty good value for money. It ended up to be a fairly filling lunch especially with the extra roll we ordered to share. Everything was not bad, service was good and food came out pretty quick (which is key for lunch).




Sushi Infinity

975 The Alameda
Ste 80
San Jose, CA 95126

(408) 298-5888

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