Mommy’s Fried noodles

I don`t know what kind of  “style” fried noodles these are. They are the drier version of  “hokkien” mee and not quite the normal street food kind of fried noodles. I would call it mommy’s fried noodle!!

Mom always made fried noodles like these for parties. She adds fishcake, pork and other veggies. I like mine minimalistic. I am not a big fan of veggies.

(this recipe is an estimation, adjust seasoning to your liking)



DSCF41541 lb yellow noodles ( I like the chinese oily type but was only able to find the filipino version called “pancit”)

2 chicken legs deboned/beef flank thinly sliced (1 rice bowl full – marinate in a tablespoon of soy)

8 fishballs sliced (I could not find the deep fried fresh fish cakes)

5 stalks of green onions

1 heaping bowl of bean sprouts (add more or less, can also add chinese napa cabbage or  blanched mustard greens)

2 eggs

oyster sauce and dark soy sauce

2 shallots (thinly sliced)



Step 1:

DSCF4157Heat non stick wok w about 2-3 tablespoon of vegetable oil

Add shallot and brown (constantly mix to prevent burning)

When shallots are light brown, remove from oil (it will continue to brown)


Step 2

DSCF4158Add chicken/beef and fry till half cooked


Step 3

DSCF4159Add fish ball/fish cake

Fry till lightly browned


Add 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce

Continue to fry


Step 4

DSCF4161Add noodles and fry for about a min


Add 2 tablespoon of oyster sauce

Add 2-3 tablespoon of dark soy sauce

Add 1 bowl of water

Mix well with tongs until water evaporates and noodles get softer ( a little before your preferred “done-ness”. If still chewy, add another half bowl of water for noodles to cook.


Step 5

DSCF4163Move noodles aside, add a lil oil.

Add eggs

(you can also omit this step and scramble eggs and fry them separately, cut into strips and add to noodles at this step)



Step 6

DSCF4164Add veggies~

MIX MIX MIX ( i know i know… dun overdo if your noodles are the softer kind coz you don’t want to break noodles into little pieces)


At this point, taste the noodles. Add more seasoning as you like. Add a dash of black pepper to give it a little more depth~

Turn off heat right after adding veggies to maintain the crunch in the veggies and for noodles not to overcook.

Top noodles off the with crispy shallots~



Final version (I cooked a sunny side up egg for Meep, I had mine without). The egg gives it a lil saucy/gravy texture


ALL DONE! very versatile and adaptable recipe according to taste. ^__^ and yes.. I know so far the recipes involve a lot of oyster sauce. It adds the umami/msg taste without having to add msg on your own. =P

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