Gadong Pasar Malam (Night Market) – Brunei

Brunei has amazing night markets; there is one that is open all year round in the Gadong Fish Market parking lot. They start setting up just before rush hour kicks in at about 4 pm and stay open till about 11 pm. There are also seasonal night markets; one in the downtown (Bandar) area in the month of July (to celebrate the Sultan’s birthday) and multiple markets set up during the month of Ramadhan. This is a picture entry on the one in Gadong, when the in-law cames to Brunei for the wedding.

The  vegetable/fruit/plant stalls close a lot earlier than the food stalls but there is always a couple rows of them selling a lot of local grown goodies.

The food stalls occupy over 4 rows of tents, with over 30 different vendors more or less selling the same stuff but with their own recipes and specialties.

Loves that it is always smoky with grills everywhere and all kinds of goodies on them:

There are stalls selling fried noodles, $1 nasi lemak, hot dogs, chicken butt (fried & grilled), burgers

These are popular doughnut stick (aka Cakoi); served plain or with coconut jam & butter (kahwin); other deep fried/baked goodness like curry puffs:

Kebabs and Roti Johns – always made fresh at every stall

Brunei kebabs are just pita halves filled with a beef, chicken or both that have been fried on the flat top with onions & cucumbers. Served with mayo and sweet chili sauce.

Pulut pangang; rice rolls wrapped with banana leaf and grilled. The rice is stuffed with dried prawn mix or meat:

fishballs, prawn balls, ostrich balls (all kinds); all parts of the cow:

Note: Gesest = gizzard ^_^

Some stalls require food to be made to order; this in particular warms up the orders on the grill and lathers on BBQ as as you order:

Then there are stalls selling snacks (deep fried and prepackaged)

Above: Little egg flavoured cakes, potato chips w spicy sticky sambal, sweet “wheel” cakes

Above: I don’t know what these are called but we grew up eating them!

We ended the night w a good haul, a bit of everything for my in laws to try:

BBQ chicken butt, beef lung, beef spleen, beef liver, chicken neck, roti john, potato chips & cakoi kahwin (which we polished off before getting to the hotel).

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