Bouchon Bakery – Yountville, CA

After 2 hours of wine tasting in Napa; SIL, her fiance, Meep and I decided it was time for a snack before dinner. We had some baked stuff from Bouchon Bakery in Vegas and thought it would be nice to try the one in Yountville. There was a line out the door that was not too bad.

We got in in 5 minutes, which was a pleasant surprise. Our last two trips there, the line was down the block!

Look at the amazing selection. I spent a good 10 minutes in line just looking at everything before even having any idea of what I wanted (Maybe one of everything?! I wish).

I don’t know what the ducks are but they are sooo cute. I would guess cake/cup cake with fondant to shape the duck~

Right at the cashier, there is a glass window that showcases the kitchen – where all the magic happens!

We ended up getting:

Corn Muffin $2.75

I was quite disappointed with this muffin. I have a soft spot for corn flavoured anything (cookie, ice cream, corn bread) so when I saw this corn muffin – I had to get it. It was quite dry & hard with barely any corn flavour to it. The only good part was the little corn kernels all over the muffin.


Blueberry Muffin $2.75

Now we are talking.. This was a yummy muffin. The first time we had it was in Bouchon Bakery in Vegas and this was just as good. It was 1/3 blueberry (not the dried stuff but the juicy and fresh ones that taste amazing after baking). It was quite heavy but good.


Monkeybread $3.25

The monkey bread was a surprise. Instead of a “bread-like” quality – this was more like a cinnamon croissant that you get to peel off. Not bad but not great.


Croissant $3.25

Delicious – nice, flaky, buttery and very light with amazing layers.


Chocolate Tart $6

Delicious! The chocolate ganache was smooth, creamy and rich. Very decadent and not overly sweet. The crust was a little on the hard side but the chocolate filling melted in the mouth making up for any deficiencies. The little creamy “mousse” like substance on the top was great as well.



Coffee $2.50 : It was pretty good coffee. The great thing about the constant line up is; the coffee is probably sold pretty fast so remains relatively fresh eventhough it is self served.

Latte $3.25 : Delicious!

Grape Soda $2.25 : I didn’t try this but they offer a whole range of flavoured sodas.




Total Damage: $28.50

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Good)

My favourite item was the tart, but that was because of how rich and decadent it was and not necessarily coz it was amazing. Other than the corn muffin, everything else was good and definitely meet our expectations for a nice sweet snack. I was just not blown away as I expected – a huge problem with such high expectations to anything related to Thomas Keller.

I will definitely be back to try the macarons!




Bouchon Bakery

6528 Washington St
Yountville, CA 94599

(707) 944-2253

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