Ramen Tenma – San Jose, CA

Meep wanted ramen but Santouka closes early, so I found this on Yelp and figured we should give it a shot~

The moment I walked into the restaurant, I felt like I was walking into one of those ramen joints I see in Japanese TV series! It was pretty awesome.

A very tiny restaurant w only 5 tables and a small bar that fits another 3 patrons.

Menu is simple and have great “combination” deals for lunch and dinner.


We ordered:

Dinner Special $11.50 (Okinawa Soba + Abri Chashu w Cheese + Mini Okinawa Bowl)

Okinawa soba served with thick noodles

I really enjoyed these thicker noodles. It held up nicely in this umami-licious broth that is actually fairly light. Tasted less porky and more like a blend of dried seafood stock.


Mini Okinawa Bowl - Sweet Miso Pork

Meep & I were surprised with how tasty this little bowl of rice is. It’s sweet and salty and the rice was cooked perfectly. I wished there was more topping but this is the mini version~


Abri Chashu w Cheese (1 piece)

I was skeptical about this because of the cheese but it was good. The chashu was tender and full of flavour with an additional edge from the cheese. I enjoyed it over the little bowl of Okinawa rice. 😀


Kotteri (Large) $10+ Egg $1 + Pork Slices $3

Rich Garlic flavoured broth w thin noodles

When they said garlic, they “mean” garlic! The soup was very porky and garlicky. Packful od flavour and tasted like it definitely took hours and hours to make. Not too salty (which was always a problem I have with some ramen places), with nice thin “toothsome” noodles. The noodles were thinner than what I normally prefer but Meep enjoyed them a lot!

The extra $3 for 5 slices of chashu was a bargain! Such thick generous slices that were quite sublime. It was fatty, tender and just pure deliciousness.

This normally comes with corn, but Meep is not a fan of corn so we got the chef to leave it out. :) Look at this deliciously perfect medium boiled egg with a nice gooey yolk.




Total Damage: $30 (Including tip; prices on menu already include taxes)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Very very good)

This is now my second favourite ramen places; everything from the vibe and food was just so authentic. It made me feel warm and fuzzy as I sat there, staring at the cluttered walls while watching the Chef put our bowls of noodles together.

The service was great considering there was 1 main guy who works as the server & chef (there is another man cleaning and helping out in the back). Our server/chef was a sweet man, friendly and eventhough he was busy putting bowls of noodles together he made a point to ask us how everything was.

I can’t wait to head back and try the rest of their menu.

Review 2 & 3.




Ramen Tenma

487 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129

(408) 557-8799

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