Bon Chon Chicken – Sunnyvale, CA

I heard a  lot about Bon Chon and finally got around to trying it when it finally opened in South Bay! V & I were always trying to find the right Spicy Korean Fried Chicken that beats what she had in LA.

Restaurant was clean and pretty nicely laid out. First greeted with a menu and a counter then directed to a table~


Menu is pretty simple and well laid out; choices of chicken combinations, list of sides and some rice dishes.


We ordered:

Zucchini Fries $5.49

I was a little disappointed with these. The breading was way too thick and almost “hard”. It was seasoned well and actually came to the table nice & hot with a soft cooked zucchini. It came with Chipotle Mayo and Ranch dip. Both were really tasty.


Sweet Potato Fries $4.89

The fries were a little undercooked to me but still tasted ok. It was served with a sweet chili dip, which just taste like the bottle stuff you can get at any Asian grocery store. I found that these tasted better w the Chipotle Mayo dip that came with the zucchini fries.


Medium (Mixed) $10.99

2 drums and 6 wings; Soy garlic flavour & Spicy hot garlic flavour with rice and pickled radish.

Medium orders include one free side (excluding the radish)~ The radish and rice was pretty standard. The chicken was DELICIOUS! Surprisingly crispy and lightly coated with sauce. How did it stay so crispy with all the sauce? That is the million dollar question!

It was piping hot and very juicy. The soy garlic just tasted like garlicky teriyaki chicken sauce. The spicy hot garlic was very good – garlicky, salty, slightly sweet and a nice kick to it.


Small (Mixed) $6.99

Spicy hot garlic flavour; 1 drum & 4 wings w kimchi coleslaw and pickled radish

The small comes w one side (excluding the radish). The kimchi coleslaw was really strange. It is one of those that one either love or hate and I definitely did not like it. It was creamy, bitter, spicy and yet bland. Strange.

Again, the spicy hot garlic chicken came out piping hot; crispy on the outside and very juicy inside. The chicken was only lightly tossed in the sauce so it was not overwhelming – garlicky, sweet, salty with a kick.




2 sodas @ $1.50 each



Total Damage: $39 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Good)

I really enjoyed the chicken but not so much the sides. One of the better fried chicken in the area. The prices a la carte are a little steep for a “chain” but the combo platters are pretty reasonable since they include sides. But overall, $40 for a lunch of fried chicken is a little steep.

We tried to get a side of extra spicy sauce because it was not spicy/saucy enough for my friend but were told we couldn’t. We were given this long explanation about how expensive their sauce is; and I even said we are willing to pay for the sauce just charge it to us. But he said he can’t. I think management should look into why we can’t purchase a small side of sauce for the chicken when we are eating there… We were not taking it home to reverse engineer it and we were willing to pay for it. And for a $40 lunch, and not being able to get some sauce kinda irked me.

Other than that, service is pretty good and food got to the table soon after ordering; piping hot.




Bon Chon Chicken

572 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

(408) 720-8689

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