Zinc – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

For Cat’s bachelorette, we were intent on over-indulging in our guilty pleasures – some mani/pedi then eating! We had an appy & mains at Niche, then proceeded to check Zinc out for some appetisers & desserts~

Zinc is located in the new Art Gallery of Alberta in downtown Edmonton, which was not there when I moved out of Edmonton! It was an “interesting” looking building. Executive chef David Omar’s menu focuses on locally sourced ingredients.

I loved the sleek look of the restaurant with those floor to ceiling windows.

Menu was actually quite short and simple – with a choice of ordering full size of bite sizes so one could construct their own tasting menu! If we were not so stuff from a full meal an hour ago at Niche, I would be tempted to try their Tasting Menu for $80. $80 for every item on this menu is a great deal considering the prices for each item alone.

There are two prices for each item; first the bite size price & then the full plate price so it is a great way to create one’s own tasting menu.

There is a very extensive wine & cocktail list. I was surprised at how reasonable the prices for drinks were.


We ordered:

Fritters $15

Lobster, Shrimp, langastino, dill lemon aioli, red pepper horseradish, spinach and cherry tomatoes

This dish was nothing I expected. The fritters were little doughnuts with barely any lobster, shrimp or langostine. It was crispy with a soft fluffy centre. The dill lemon aioli was good but the red pepper horseradish was forgettable.

Quite good overall but underwhelming.


*Featured Appetiser : Perch croquette $17

Perch Croquette, deep fried Perch skin on top of some caviar and pear

Our server sold this dish to us the moment he said the fish was caught earlier in the day by the Chef himself. The croquette was not bad. The breading was a little on the thick side with barely any pieces of fish in the centre. A little more dense than I would have liked.

The fish skin was extremely fishy and the caviar made it even fishier. The sauce is a homemade dill lemon aioli that was pretty good (although it would be nice to not have the same sauce in both dishes). And the pear was refreshing and a nice contrast to the heavy creamy croquette.


Banana Bread Pudding $12

Cinnamon spiced Rum caramel sauce, bruleed bananas and banana ice cream

The one dish I have barely any issues with. The bread pudding was really dense and tasted just like Starbucks’ Banana loaf soaked in cream and baked. The ice cream was icy instead of creamy but tasted just like fresh bananas. Not bad…


Vanilla Espresso Creme Brulee $12

Praline Hazelnut Gelato & Strawberry foam

The creme brulee was smooth & creamy with great vanilla bean flavour. Barely any hints of espresso. The gelato was inedible – it was grainy and tasted like chemicals. Not pleasant.. Neither was the foam – which was warm and bubbly…



2 glasses Serendipity @$10 each

This cocktail was delicious!! It was refreshing with muddled blackberries, blueberries & mint with proseco and white cranberry juice.


2 glasses Riesling @$8 each - The riesling was quite good. 🙂


Caesar w a twist (Complimentary)

This was surprisingly tasty. I am not a huge fan of the traditional caesar but this was not bad. It was a little lighter, and had some port, clamato, fresh oysters and a hint of spice.


Coffee $3.25 – I was told they serve Starbucks coffee, which was a little disappointing.




Total Damage: $120 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5(Above average)

I was disappointed that they were out of the lamb main (which I wanted to order as well) at 8 pm on a Friday night.

The food did not live up to the price that they were charging for. The appetisers were mediocre at best. For $12 each dessert, they were not only overpriced but also had major flaws. But the cocktails and wine were delicious. I would come back for a few drinks just because I enjoyed the ambiance, drinks and service.

The restaurant was all bright eventhough it was 8 pm (gotta love the long  Spring/Summers in Edmonton) because of the wall to ceiling windows.

Service was great. Our server was patient and gave great suggestions and knew the menu inside & out. He was attentive without being in our faces.

Oh, random but something that bothered me – I was just thinking how the drinks were so reasonably priced for a restaurant at this calibre till I was writing up this post. The Serendipity cocktail we got was $7.50 on the menu but we were charged $10 each AND the riesling was $6 on the menu but we were charged $8 each. I am very bothered by price discrepancies like these – a pet peeve as they would call it.





2 Sir Winston Churchill Sq
Edmonton, AB T5J 2C1

(780) 392-2501

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  1. domakesaythink says:

    You my friend should never write about food ever.You really have no clue as to what your talking about and who gos out for a meal and to review a restaurant right after eating a full meal just before?
    stick to what ever it is you do at home and write about that….You will be better served……

  2. Grammar Police says:

    1) “You, my friend”
    2) “about food, ever.”
    3) “what you’re talking about”
    4) “who goes out”
    5) “and reviews a restaurant”
    6) “right after eating a full meal?” (“just before” is not necessary)
    7) “stick to whatever”
    8) “You will be better off…”

    Wow, 8 mistakes in about 4 sentences. Your English grammar is terrible. Are you an immigrant? Or just a poorly educated native Edmontonian?

  3. Eddangel says:

    Thanks for the comment anonymous~

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