Housewife’s Tale episode 1

talked to my sis last night. she found it quite amusing that i am stuck as a housewife for at least 6 mths. i, on the other hand, did not find it quite so funny. and she mentioned how i would blog about doing dishes, laundry, and watching soap on tv.

its sad how she is not the first to burst out laughing at the idea of me being a housewife. a couple friends found it quite amusing as well…

so, i decided i am going to blog once a week about my “housewife” adventures. lol. i am sure its not as bad as we all perceive it to be. today is sunday so this is the initial post of Edda’s “a housewife’s tale” hmpf~

lets see…. how shud i begin

I made breakfast (oh god, this is not going so well…); bacon n eggs (yum!!).. then i kinda sat around checking emails and fb for a good hour while eating my breakfast while chris watced star wars. we decided we were gonna do something every sunday to keep me amused and get out of the house but today was a lazy sunday. we dint get out of the house till 4.

had a bubble bath, read a little and then finally got ready and left home. walked around the neighbourhood, rented a movie (state of play), got starbucks n sat around reading local magazine, went to cvs and then home.

made dinner while chris cleaned the bathrooms (yeay!), chicken curry w ladyfingers served w roti n rice. (this entry already sounds dismal…gulp) then we cleaned up, had a cigarette and then popped in the movie we rented. the movie started off real slow but it picked up and had a pretty good twist at the end of it. popcorn, coke n cheese puffs made the  movie even better. lol…

so movie ended, chris is now waiting to go on a conference call for work and here i m typing up my first entry to my “housewife series”. gonna go finish my book and then watch america’s best dance crew at 11 pm and off to bed!!!  exciting day no???

till next week for episode 2!!!!

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