Fresh spinach pasta~

I have made pasta/noodles a few times. I like this spinach flavoured pasta coz it is green!! You don’t taste the spinach in the noodles though… it is just very very green. I made this along with some ragu bolognese.


You will need

3 large eggs

2-3 cups flour

5 oz of frozen spinach (thawed)

a pinch of salt


Step 1 – Create a well with 2 1/2 cup flour and crack eggs into the well


Step 2 – add spinach (make sure spinach is chopped finely and squeezed dry)


Step 3 – using your index finger , slowly circle around the well to incorporate egg into flour (might be easier to beat eggs first)


this gets a little messy

Eventually this will all form into a ball – if it is sticking to your palms – keep adding a little flour and knead until the dough is not sticky.

Tip – Once egg and flour are all incorporated ==> Wash your hands and dry thoroughly. Then dust hands with flour and continue kneading

It should look like picture below


Try poking the dough ball and it should just bounce back to original form. ( a little elastic)

Step 3 – wrap dough with cling wrap

let dough rest for about 1- 2 hours (minimum 30 mins) in a cool dry area


While pasta relaxes – I prepare my sauce, which takes about a total of 3 hours to complete. recipe here.

After about an hour or so.

Dust my counter with flour

Unwrap my dough – dust it with flour to prevent any sticking

DSCF4410Then cut dough into 3 parts


Set pasta maker to setting number 1~

Take one of the piece (cover the other two so they don’t dry out)

Dust a little flour on pasta maker and run pasta dough through it once


Fold dough as shown and run through setting 1 a few more times


(the next few pictures were of me making plain egg noodles – Meep was around to take pictures of me working the machine for the first time. I am using them since I can’t seem to take pictures and roll and hold pasta at the same time)





Roll – Change setting to 2 and roll and fold dough twice

Change setting to 3 – roll dough through another 2 times (do not need to fold from this point on)

keep dusting with flour if dough feels like it is sticky




I go to about setting number 6 on the atlas maker. Sometimes thinner if I want a more delicate pasta for a creamy sauce or light sauce

At setting 7 – you would be able to see the outline of your hand


If pasta is too long for you to handle, just cut it in half with a sharp knife.

Now it is time to cut it. The cutter that came with the maker cuts really thin strips


This time around I wanted thicker pieces (parpadelle?) I just manually cut my pasta. Make sure pasta dough is well floured, fold. and cut to preferred thickness.


How to store pasta while you continue rolling out the rest of the dough? I use a pasta drying rack


or roll them up into little nests


there! All done~

To cook :

Boil a pot of water

When water is boiling

Season water with salt

Add pasta and cook for about 2 minutes

Then shock in ice cold water (this helps give the pasta some chewiness)

Just run hot water through briefly before serving OR

Drop into pot of hot water for about ten seconds or so – so pasta won’t be cold



Add sauce


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