Housewife’s tale episode 6

This housewife was feeling a lil under the weather on Sunday. I guess it was not a good way to start the week. Good thing I decided on making congee (aka porridge) on Saturday. I remember having one of the best congee in Primary school. And I told my mom about what they had in it and so she started cooking it the same way. And since then, I did not like plain congee. I like my congee flavourful, cooked with lots of chicken bones and some stock.

I did not have century egg so I had mine with pickled lettuce. YUMM..

Monday – had my first audit class. So I did not end up cooking dinner till about 11 pm. The fastest tasty dish I could make is sweet and sour pork~ So we had sweet sour pork served with asparagus wrapped in bacon. I had some bacon left over from the weekend breakfast~

and of course chris’ lunch box would be the same…

On Tuesday, I was feeling kinda uninspired. I looked in the fridge and saw these cute white and brown beech mushrooms we bought from ranch 99. So I figured a stir fry with beef and carrot omelet (the way mom or auntie used to make)  rice would suffice for this night.

I also started a soup in the middle of the afternoon. Radish soup~ A really light soup that kinda made the meal for me.

Wednesday – had till 10 pm again. So to make a quick fast meal, I used a ready made tikka masala sauce. Add chicken and whipping cream and cooked down for 15 mins! Served with some pita and rice~

Thursday- decided to make some beef tri tip served with a mushroom thyme sauce and whipped potatoes. I didn’t have milk and made a mistake of using cream and it got really gooey… ended up thinning it out and it became more of a potato puree than whipped potatoes. Made some eggplant seasoned w oregano as well.

We finished all the meat so nothing was left for Chris’ bento. I almost forgot about it till midnight and ended up just throwing this together

Friday – We went out for dinner w DK at a restaurant in Palo Alto called Cafe Pro Bono. I chose this restaurant coz of the good reviews on Yelp and also because they make their pasta in-house!!

I ordered the lamb, cooked medium~ Chris mentioned that I always order lamb if it’s on any restaurant’s menu. Which is odd, since I picked this place for their fresh pasta and I ended up ordering lamb and not a pasta dish.

Chris ordered the lobster ravioli. It was good but the texture of the lobster in the ravioli was kinda odd. Maybe because it’s not chunky but processed into a mixture. Nonetheless- A good pasta

DK ordered a chicken pasta special.

I didn’t order an appy because I wanted to save room for dessert, which was a wise move because the Tiramisu was to die for! Chris n I decided we did not want to share and each ordered a tiramisu for ourselves.

We tried some of DK’s chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce that was pretty tasty as well.

We headed over to D’s place after dinner and I tried some soju… I decided there and then I did not like the taste the least bit

Saturday – As usual, headed to San Francisco for Chris’ hockey game – THEY WON~ We walked around the Noe Valley Harvest Festival after his game. Then back to San Jose. Had pho for lunch~

Vietnamese is never complete without a vietnamese iced coffee for us~

For dinner, we picked up a whole (yes, a WHOLE) roasted duck and some roasted pork. I stir fried some chinese cabbage for to go with the duck n pork served over rice!

There you have it! Episode 6. A lot of eating out and not much cooking on my part… Very uninspired week when it came to home cooking. Running out of the staples to cook with.. Maybe I will head to the market sometime this week!

Till next week!!!

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