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The first beignet I tried was at Poor House Bistro. It was pretty darn tasty, it was like a doughnut but a little more dense and yet soft in the centre with a nice shell. Then I got Meep to buy me the Beignet mix from “The” Cafe Du Monde when he was in New Orleans. Since then I have been trying to see if there are better beignets around…

So after pigging out at Crawdaddy, I saw this giant sign in the same building. Twice, we stopped by after dinner..

The place is big, brightly lit and spacious. Almost a little too “cold” for a cafe but it is very clean!

You can actually watch the beignets being  made through the glass next to the counter.

The menu is right at the counter

New item on the chalkboard at the entrance

After two visits, this is what we have tried:


Beignets w Powdered Sugar $3.50

First visit – the beignets were ok. One of them were flat, while the other was hollow and one was in the middle of both. I was a tad disappointed but they tasted OK. Pretty dense and not a good balance of “soft” and chewy like the better ones.

The second visit was pretty bad. The beignets were borderline burnt. All 3 were either hollow or a little on the hard side.


Beignets w Cinnamon $3.50

We got these on the second visit. Unlike the powder sugar version, these were pretty good. The cinnamon sugar had just the right ratio of cinnamon & sugar. A couple of the pieces were thick, with a nice shell and chewy soft centre while one was hollow and hard.


Double Espresso $3.50

Both visits, I got the espresso and it was delicious. The coffee is always made well with a nice crema. Coffee is full bodied, bitter with barely a tangy aftertaste.


Affogato $3.75

The affogato was pretty good. Good quality vanilla ice cream and good coffee. I wished they didn’t pile on the whipped cream, which didn’t taste very good at all.



Total Damage: Under $10 per person

Personal Rating: 2.5 (Average)

I believe that to be able to charge $3.50 for the 3 little squares of deep fried dough – it has to be GOOD. I mean, so far the beignets here are inconsistent. It was ok the first time I came, pretty bad the second time; then the cinnamon ones were nice, thick, fluffy but the powdered ones were hollow and chewy. So the inconsistencies really bug me.

That being said, the people working here are pretty nice. Patient and quite accommodating. I do enjoy the coffee here. Their espresso or Americano always have a nice thick crema and full bodied (minimal tartness).





779 Story Rd
Ste 80
San Jose, CA 95122

(408) 293 2873

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