V Tropical Bake Shop – San Jose, CA

I found out about V Tropical from Yelp, so I decided to stop by one afternoon. It is a little Filipino bakery that is popular for their huge variety of different “pan”/rolls.

I knew what I wanted before I even got to the shop but was still surprised by the number of choices.

Whole range of baked goods (but also empty shelves!). A whole bunch of the stuff were sold out by the time I got there at 3 pm.

I was so excited when I saw this Pandan flavoured buns. Too many for me to buy at the moment since I have way too many buns at home already.

There was also a range of savoury items but I had no idea what they were. I should call home and ask my auntie aka nanny, who is Filipina and has been with our family for over 17 years.


I ended up getting:

Pan De Ube $1.99

I thought I would love this but I didn’t. The buns were very dense with a generous amount of ube paste (which is reminiscent of red bean paste in texture). 1/3 paste to 2/3 bun was a little too much for me. The buns are sweet but a tad dry.

I liked it a lot better after nuking it for about 10 secs. A lot softer and much more palatable.


Enseymada $0.50

I was very disappointed w this. Back in vancouver, I used to grab a couple of these from a little corner store at Joyce Station and love them. Usually soft plain slight sweet roll, piled with a lot of butter/margarine and sugar.

This was dry and hard, with barely any butter but a good amount of sugar. :(


Assorted Rolls $2.99

I enjoyed this a lot more than the pan, which was weird for me. They are pretty much the same thing , in flavour and texture. But because the paste is spread out and then baked, there was not too much paste like the other one.

Again a little dense and hard but when nuked for 10 secs – they were quite perfect.

I am not crazy about the cheese one but Meep enjoyed them a lot. The cheese is very subtle and tasted a lot like Mozzarella cheese. The cheese is pretty spread out throughout the roll, which was nice.




Total Damage: $5.50

Personal Rating: 2.75 out of 5 ( Above average)

The buns were good but not as amazing as most Yelpers have made it sound. Maybe I am just picky. I probably would grab some after shopping at Seafood City but would not go out of my way to get them. Not bad for tea time snacks and definitely best after popping them in a microwave for a bit~

I do have to make a trip back for the Pandan Leche and Pineapple Cream Cheese Pan.




V Tropical Bake Shop

3041 McKee Road
San Jose, CA 95127

(408) 729 3798

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