A housewife’s tale episode 24

Week 24!! oooohhh *pat on the back*


To be honest, I have always been a 3 sec person (a phrase my mom used to say – meaning my interest never last long). I have tried scrap booking,cross stitching, knitting, etc.. it either takes me years to complete a project or it just stays unfinished. That’s why I am so proud of myself for making it this far.


I guess I have found something I really really like. I might say slightly obsessive. I still have to find a right balance w the gym, studying and cooking. Working on it!!!


Every week seems to fly by, it is unbelievable how fast time flies as we age. =P


here’s the menu for week 24!


Sunday – Canada was playing USA in the Winter Olympics. Meep invited DK over. We ended up having M n W over as well. I bbq-ed some marinated beef flank, some sweet sour chicken and omelet rolls. M brought over some Jap Chae. Along w some beers. ^__^ awesome nite!!

Cept for the fact that the Canadians loss..




Monday – Some matsaman curry with roti for dinner. Had class, so I needed to make something quick. With some instant paste… and coconut milk n fish sauce! taa ddaaa!!!



Tuesday – Made some spinach pasta with ragu bolognese. Recipes here and here. Took a little over 3 hours but very very therapeutic. I find cooking to be therapeutic. I have been feeling a little brain dead coz of all the reading and stuff~



Wednesday – I don’t have anymore review classes till next wednesday. So I ran some errands. Mailed off some stuff and then made some stuffed chicken breasts for dinner. Recipe here~


And also some pineapple tarts! I made sure I had no expectations but they were pretty darn tasty!! Recipe here~




Thursday – was out all day till a little pass 5.30pm. Decided on something simple and takes less than 30 mins so Meep could get food in his belly fast~ and my solution is….

TERIYAKI CHICKEN! this has complex taste but oh so easy! soy sauce, mirin, some sesame oil… all done! over rice and some enoki mushrooms~



Friday – Pork chops with onion pepper steak sauce~ over rice. This is nto a very pretty dish but if you like steak sauce, you will like it~


and some Soy bean paste soup (Doenjang Guk) with spinach and cabbage.




Saturday – Meep had his hockey game. I could not get my ass out of bed long early enough to go w him. When he got back, we headed out to Pho Kim Long for some vietnamese noodles! YUMMMM….

Regular pho for meep


Lemongrass spicy noodles for me


For dinner, I had some chicken that I brined the night before. With lemon, garlic and rosemary. This would normally be too much food but turned out to be perfect coz I needed to make snacks on Sunday.

Meep is having ppl over to watch the Winter Olympics Hockey FINALS!! Canada VS USA!!! Chicken salad sandwiches seems to be a good snack for the boys~



That’s it. Week 24. phew~~

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