A Slice of New York – San Jose, CA

Was having one of those random late night cravings for pizza and found this place not to far from home. Meep and I took advantage of the nice warm evening to go grab and few slices for a mini date. The pizzeria is right next to a live Jazz bar so we had nice music as we ate.

Here is their self introduction, right on the menu:

The pizzeria is TINY! Just a few hundred square feet of space between the counter and the main door, enough for 12 standing customers to fit nicely like a sardine can.

Every inch of the wall is covered with all kinds of New York paraphernalia.

The open kitchen was a clean well oiled machine. Everyone back there had a purpose and they worked w/o getting in each others’ way. Check out the giant mixer!

There is a fridge with a whole array of the most non common sodas and on the counter is the pizza offerings by the slice.

Menu is a simple two pager. There are a few non pizza options, pizza by the slice, specialty pies, and pricing for your own creations.


We ordered:

Garlic Knots (3 pieces) $2

The garlic knots looked and gave off the most amazing aroma, that was the best part… Everything else fell flat. The garlic flavours were not infused into the dough so all the taste was coming from the garlic parmesan pesto on the top. It was warmed by the order so the centre of the dough was piping hot and fluffly. Not bad with the marinara dip, but quite a challenge to eat since the crust gets hard, so it is hard to feel apart and yet too big to just dip and bite.


Rockefeller Centre $3.75

I forgot to take a picture of the top, but we got the pizza on the right. Pizza was topped with pepperoni, italian sausage, salami, meatballs (or so it said on the menu) and garlic. I remember the pepperoni and italian sausage but not meatballs. Maybe this was just a variation since they were selling it by the slice.

There was a rich tomato sauce base, a decent amount of mozarella cheese and very good thin crust dough.


Sicilian Meatlover $4.75

I prefer the sicilian meatlover over the NY thin crust. The pizza was topped with every meat imaginable, but the prominent flavours were bacon and italian sausage. Delicious, salty and cheesy.

The dough had nice crisped edges and was chewy and thick. Smothered in a light marinara sauce and just the right amount of stringy mozarella. The pizza slices were warmed up before serving, which I appreciate because I am not a fan of cold anything. Just delicious!


Tiramisu $4.25

Delicious! Supposedly from NYC, but it looks a little too fresh made… maybe the recipe? Who knows but it was good. Creamy, light and generously covered with good quality cocoa and coffee infused spongy bottom. My only issue was that it was too subtle in mascarpone cheese and a tad pricey at $4.25.




Total Damage: ~ $16 (including a drink & tax)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Very good)

The perfect place to grab a quick bite or satisfying any pizza craving. Definitely beats any chain pizzeria and is now officially my to go place. I rarely crave pizza but this place won me over with the fresh, subtle flavoured marinara and their sicilian thick crust.




A Slice of New York

3443 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA 95117

(408) 247  5423

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2 Responses to “A Slice of New York – San Jose, CA”

  1. Kirk V. says:


    Just wanted to confirm that there is meatball on the Rockefeller (sliced meatball, not big round ones) and the tiramisu is from NYC (Long Island to be exact).

    The Sicilian can be made into anything. It is the thick crust, baked in a pan pie (square). You can have just cheese or add any toppings you like.

    We are so glad you found us and hope to see you again soon!

    Owner, A Slice of New York

  2. Eddangel says:

    Thanks for the info! I am impressed at how fresh the tiramisu stays after being transported all the way from Long Island. :) Will edit the post accordingly~

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