My first attempt at making gnocchi. Before meeting Chris, I didn’t even know what gnocchi was. He ordered it a few times and I guess an easy explanation would be italian dumplings, sorta cooked like pasta. I made a potato gnocchi today using this recipe by Michael Chiarello from Food Network. It is a recipe for Potato Gnocchi with Wild Mushroom Sugo. I only used the gnocchi part and used the tomato sauce I made for my meatball and spaghetti a few days ago.

Flour, Parmesan, egg yolk and russet potatoes! ^o^ I missed out the pepper n nutmeg but it turned out OK for my first attempt~

Roll roll roll. cut cut cut

They look like cute lil pillows… ^o^

I served the gnocchi with tomato sauce and salmon. I got some kickass salmon fillet ridiculously cheap from Seafood City. One of the specials of the week $2.99/lb.

And the final product—

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