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Instead of my usual Tiramisu or Chocolate Hazelnut flavoured cakes for birthdays, I decided to try something different this year. I looked up bakeries and it seems that Burnt Almond cake from Peter’s Bakery is insanely popular. I have never tried Burnt Almond Cake, so why not right?

Not the most glamorous looking bakery but it is all in what they offer!

Insane variety and amount of baked goods; danishes, donuts, coffee cakes, cupcake, cakes and more…

I wished they had labels and prices displayed. The lady behind the counter looked annoyed after the 4th “What’s this?” from me. She just mumbled so I don’t even know what I ordered!

I could not decide on a birthday cake so I ended up with 4 slices and put it together as a cake! Doesn’t have to be glamorous, more for the sake of eating cake! 😀 It was packaged in an old school looking  pink box tied up with yarn.

I got:

Original Burnt Almond Cake (vanilla)

I have never had burnt almond cake and was pleasantly surprised.It was not “almond-y”. Other than the “brittle” on the top or almond bits, the rest of the cake had no distinct almond flavours.

The cake tastes as good as it looks. The cake parts are so soft & fluffy with sweet custard like cream and nice crunch from the nuts. The cream is delicious and addictive, making the soft cake have that moist edge without being dense. The cake is on the “sweet side” as a whole but nothing that cant be solved w a good cup of coffee.


Burnt Almond Chocolate Cake

The chocolate sponge is a little denser than the vanilla, chocolate flavours still prominent and complements the cream.

Definitely creamy, fresh tasting chocolatey airy cake. The custard cream is the same as the original version – creamy, rich and not to sweet. I prefered this to the “original” because with the bitterness from the cocoa, the cake is not as sweet.


Chocolate “Berry” Cake

I got this because it reminded me of black forest but was told it isnt black forest. That being said it tasted pretty close to black forest cake.

There is a fruity filling between the two layers. I can’t identify the fruit; it is like some kind of berry, but not cherry. The fruit filling had chunks of sweet and slightly tangy sweet fruit and added a nice element to cake as a whole. The fresh cream was not overly sweet and was so light and just made the cake so much more moist. The cake is pretty airy and light yet very chocolate-y.

The cake was so good, Meep only left me a bite! (In his defense, his absolute favourite cake is Black Forest). I actually liked this more than the popular Burnt Almond Cake.


Raspberry Vanilla Cake

Vanilla cake, raspberry jam and a short crust bottom.

The top is a soft vanilla sponge, that seemed a little too dry and airy by itself. The fresh cream on top was creamy but a little too sweet. That being said, the raspberry jam was tangy and fruity with natural sugars. Meep thought the crust at the bottom made this cake quite strange but I really liked it. This cake’s individual elements were not so great but as a whole, this cake is not too bad.




Total Damage $10.95 (including tax)

Personal Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (very good)

Not your elegant bakery with exquisite looking cakes. That being said, great comfort food like cake that gives you a nice warm feeling. All of that at a great price as well.

All the cakes seem to have the same sponge cake but nothing wrong with it because they are all so tasty and assembled well. Very similar components but yet quite different as a whole. I got to get back and give all the cookies, doughnuts and other goodies a try.

The service is meh… Very rushed because there is a constant stream of people strolling in BUT I can’t help if I take forever because there is no labels and I need to know what I am looking at.




Peter’s Bakery

3108 Alum Rock Ave
San Jose, CA 95127

(408) 258 3529

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