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SK & A wanted to meet up for dinner to celebrate my birthday, and so our long elaborate plan was to have a quick snack at Off the Grid after Meep’s hockey. Then pick up cake at Schubert’s and finally dinner at Burma Superstar. We ended up with brunch at NOPA and dinner at PPQ!

I have to say, brunch at NOPA was a great idea and a great treat from them. Thanks guys!!! *loves*

We made last minute reservations for 2 pm (Brunch ends at 2.30pm), managed to get a nice cozy booth for 4. NOPA was a lot bigger than I expected with seating everywhere, even some on the top floor. I loved the open kitchen and the whole vibe of the place~

I am so in love with their fully stocked bar and high ceilings.


Short menu with almost every item appealing to me!

List of cocktails and coffee/tea choices.

We ordered:

2 orders of Grass Fed Hamburger @$13 each

served with pickled onions and herbed potatoes

A got her burger as is, while I added Gruyere cheese to mine. I don’t know how much they charged for the cheese because I didn’t look at the details on the bill but estimated it to be about $1.50-$2.

Burger was ordered medium but it was still a tad bloody for my liking. Meep ate the centre bloody bits so I guess it all worked out.

Brioche bun was delicious, so soft. Patty has a really nice char and smoky flavour and barely seasoned so it was au naturale. It was one of the meatiest, juiciest beef burgers I have had. I liked the cheese but I think I should have taken the server’s offer up on some bacon with it. Would have added a nice saltiest to the burger.

Fries were delicious, served with basil aioli. Tasted much like fresh cut potatoes, with crispy edges and soft centre. The ketchup that we were offered, tasted homemade. When asked about it, the server told us it was local organic ketchup but they did not make it.


Soft Scrambled Eggs and Bacon $13

served with Gruyere, potatoes, squash and pole bean salad

The eggs… oh the eggs were so soft, moist and seasoned well. Kinda what you would picture the scrambled eggs made with creme friache would taste like. Barely any bacon (~4 little morsels?) so that was disappointing. I did not try the salad or potatoes but SK polished it off, so it must have been good~


Custard French Toast (1/2 order) $6

served w roasted strawberries and lemon butter

The french toast came out hot and gave off the most amazing aroma of strawberries and lemon. It was soft and moist in the centre, with a texture almost like cake… Tasty and quite addictive, with sweet custardy bread, tart strawberries and a very distinct lemon butter. It was sweet enough on its own, the maple syrup that came with was un necessary. :)




Fresh squeezed orange juice $3 – came to us a bit on the warm side, which was too bad. Would have been great if it was colder.

Blue Bottle French Pressed Coffee $7.50

Were offered either 2 cups or 4 cup pot. We went for the 4 cup pot, enough for A & I to share~ Good light/medium roast coffee. Almost creamy and quite tart.



Total Damage: ~$77 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Pretty darn good)

Food was good, albeit a little on the pricey side. The quality of every plate presented was evident. Personally, I think it is worth every dollar spent and a nice splurge for brunch every now and then. Service was good, a little spotty at times but overall fairly efficient and nice enough.





560 Divisadero St
San Francisco, CA 94117

(415) 864 8643

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