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Also known as Liang’s Kitchen. This is a chain restaurant that is the brain child of Mrs Anne Liang (aka Liang Mama), who migrated to SoCal from Taiwan in the 1980. What started as a little noodle shop in SoCal has not become a chain of 9 restaurants all over California. They define their food as “Military Village Food”, and its history dates back to the 1950’s, when Liang Mama cooked at the military kitchens back in Taiwan. Because the military villages were composed of a melting pot of individuals from all over China, she learnt how to prepare dishes from other regions as well.

The decor of the place got me all confused and curious; so I looked up this restaurant and actually watched all their videos on their website and then… the decor totally made sense! Loved the pictures from the war times, not so much the tacky fighter pilots hanging off the ceiling.

.Menu is surprisingly extensive, with great pictures for the more popular items. I love picture menus!

There was also 2 pages filled with small plates, perfect for sharing:

And a page of rice plates/combinations


We ordered:

Sliced Beef Wrapped with Green Onion Pancake $6.75

These rolls were pretty darn large!

These were a little underwhelming, especially after being told it was one of their popular items. The pancake was not as crispy and flaky – more doughy than well made ones. The beef a bit on the stringy side but it tasty, it tasted and smells just like the beef in beef noodle soup but sliced thinly. The dominant flavours were the generous amounts of cilantro and hoisin sauce.

Note: The pancake is delicious dipped in the beef soup! Next time I would probably just order the pancake sans beef.


Spicy Dry Wontons $4.75

The tiniest won tons I have ever seen. They are about the size of my thumb’s nail bed.

I was a little underwhelmed by the wontons because it is mostly skin and not very much filling. I usually like won ton skins but this was a little too gummy and not very even meat to skin ratio. The filling is a well seasoned minced pork. The spicy sauce was a little pungent, salty, spicy and quite tasty.


Fried Pork Chop $5

I loved loved this dish. The piece of pork chop was hot and very crispy when it got to our table. Meat was very very tender, well marinated/seasoned with 5 spices, salt and pepper. The crust was light and not the least bit greasy eventhough the pork was deep fried. Very addictive and delicious.


Beef Noodle Soup $6.95

Choice between Large La Pian or Regular noodles. I loved the in house made La Pian noodles! They were the best part of my meal. Thick, silky and had a nice bite/chew to them. Like what they call “Q” in Chinese or a little springy. These noodle holds very well to the rich broth and beef.

Instead of serving the pickled sour mustard on the side, it was placed right on. It was tangy and alittle crunchy. A great compliment to the tender fatty cuts of beef. It is a bit overwhelming and becomes the dominant flavours.

The broth is a pretty light and not very beefy. It has hints of chinese spices, and chunks of tender beef stewed in the soup is delicious! It taste pretty good as is, and even better with a bit of their in house chili oil (same as the one served with the wontons)



Total Damage: $35 (including tax &tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Good)

Not every dish was great, but it is such an extensive menu that this is almost inevitable. But the quality and quantity is very good, worth every dollar spent. Service is pretty much non-existent, we put our name down and get an order slip. Note our orders before we were seated, then when a table frees up the order slip is taken and we are sat down.

Other than getting food dropped off, the servers almost avoid any eye contact with the idea that if they don’t see you they can ignore you. It was amazingly difficult just to get some hot sauce or even order a coke!! A little annoying but hey, the food got to us fast, tasted fine and a good place to grab a quick lunch/snack.



Liang’s Village Cuisine (Liang’s Kitchen)

19772 Stevens Creek Blvd
Cupertino, CA 95014

(408) 725 9999

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