What the ratings mean

Ratings are just my personal opinion~ A numbers isprobably a bad way to summarise each experience BUT it is the shortest/simplest summary. The overall number – combines food (quality and flavour), value for money (price) and minimally on service.


1 : Nuff said

2 : Below average – Taste, Value for money, service or a combination of all is not worth a return.

2.5 : Average – Decent food, probably would only return if no choices were available BUT not worth any detours.

3 : Good – Tasty food. Fairly satisfying but won’t have particular cravings.

3.5 : Very Good. Great food, Satisfying but not mindblowing. Would be a great regular spot~

4 : Great. Tasty, prepared well, and definitely a place worth returning over and over. Dishes would normally result in cravings particular to this restaurant that might not be satiated anywhere else.

4.5 : Excellent! Every dish was either really good or excellent and memorable. Overall, a great experience; unique/special menu items that would not be available anywhere else. Worth every dime spent.

5 : Perfect score? I don’t think this is attainable.