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Hot Pot City – Milpitas, CA

I haven’t had hot pot in over a year.. mainly because it is more of a social thing, where it tastes best when there is 4 or more people. Secondly, because Meep and our friends are not “Hot Pot people”. I miss cold nights in Vancouver and stuffing my face with floating fishballs, fish tofu, […]

Cattle Hot Pot Restaurant – Richmond, BC (Canada)

Daummy and I made plans long before I was even close to heading to Vancouver, to have hot pot. I miss hot pot at Richmond (Greater Vancouver Area). We used to have massive cravings and would have hot pot quite frequently even if it is warm out. Meep is not a fan of hot pot, […]

Tomokazu Japanese Restaurant- Vancouver, BC (Canada)

Although my visit to Vancouver was a little too short, I just had to make dinner plans w the Jang family and ladies. We all had such a great time working for Howie (Papa Jang) for 2 years before the restaurant closed down. 🙁 But we have had a few gatherings/dinners since. My last dinner […]

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