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St. Dames, Columbia City, Seattle, WA

Last weekend, we had a few of our friends over for a turkey dinner.  A few of us had plans to go skiing the next day so our friends, T & I decided to spend the night at our place so we can get an early start in the morning to the ski hill! We […]

DarTealing Lounge – San Francisco, CA

I love high tea! Actually to be more accurate, I love the idea of high tea – insane amount of food especially scones and clotted cream and lovely company~ Typically, I don’t even like sandwiches that much BUT when they are cut into little pieces and I get to eat 4 -6 varieties; they aren’t […]

Cafe Medina – Vancouver, BC

Another trip to Vancouver, meant another visit to Cafe Medina since this is Cuz C’s favourite spot for coffee and/or brunch. It was a gloomy Saturday at noon ish and there was a hour wait for a table! Seated in the back room, which had empty tables for long periods of time (causing me to […]

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