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A housewife’s tale episode 15

Happy Holidays peeps! Another week has come and gone and by this time next week, it will be a whole new year! How time flies… man, I sound like an old lady~ Let’s do a recap~ Sunday – Meep and I went shopping at Gilroy~ But before all that exercise, we needed to fuel up […]

Chicken rice!!!!

I have no idea if this is Hainanese, hockien, brunei, malaysia or whatever type of chicken rice but it is good chicken rice. When I first moved to Canada, it was always the food that made me miss home. So I would call mom or auntie and ask them how to make my favourite dishes. […]

Housewife’s tale episode 8

Another week has come and gone. This week flew by so ridiculously fast. On Sunday Meep and I went to Seafood City. He asked me what I wanted to do (dumb question) and I said Seafood City! While we were there, we got some great fish and lotsa meats. This is Meep’s creative way of […]

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