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Kong’s Tofu & BBQ Korean House – Cupertino, CA

V found a personal trainer for Zumba and asked if I wanted to join in on the class. I figured, why not since I am in need of a good work out. After Zumba, we were starving! Made plans for DK & Meep to meet us at Cupertino for dinner after our class (and a […]

Harumi Sushi (2) – Cupertino, CA

Been here a handful of times and they are quite different experiences each time. They have sake bomb specials 3 times a week. We went at 6 pm on a Sunday and the restaurant was only about half full, with steady stream of customers in the next couple hours. Menu includes appetisers, rice bowls, noodles, […]

Gokaku – Cupertino, CA

After a failed attempt at trying to get a table at Gyu-Kaku, the girls decided to stick with the original plan  of trying out Gokaku based on the great reviews. We had a reservation for 7.30 but ended up just taking up the bar at 6.15 pm. By the time 7 rolled around, there was […]

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