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Cha for Tea Palace – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

As we continued to meet up with friends in Edmonton, that meant more lunches and dinners. After our last not so great experience for dim sum in Edmonton at Chinatown, I was a little skeptical bout any more dim sum meal. Cha For Tea Palace was a suggestion by J, and I did hear some […]

Yank Sing – San Francisco, CA

Finally I got to try Yang Sing. Right after A & W’s amazing performance at the SF Half Marathon, we rewarded ourselves (rushing to the finish line w SK was like a race of its own so we consider that our achievement of the day and should be well rewarded) with dim sum at Yank […]

ABC Seafood Restaurant – Milpitas, CA

First time I went to ABC for dim sum was over a year ago, so when we were looking for a place to eat before heading to SFO – this seems like a good choice. Located in a shopping plaza in Milpitas, it would have been easy to miss but look for this sign on […]

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