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My very first DishCrawl event – Palo Alto

When I first heard about DishCrawl, I was definitely a skeptic.  The thought of paying someone to take me around to unknown restaurants for an evening didn’t sit quite well with this control freak.  But I got to say, after our first ever Dishcrawl Palo Alto last month, Meeps and I had a really good time! […]

Vallarta Eats Signature Taco Tour Part II – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Part 1 here. After checking out the awesome local tortilla shop and trying out piping hot fresh tortillas in the little farmers market area, we walked around the market and into a local grocery store. Looked at all the variety of spices along the walls and fresh produce. I got really excited when I saw […]

Vallarta Eats Signature Taco Tour Part I – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Before leaving for Mexico I signed up for a whole bunch of different excursions and tours in Puerto Vallarta and this is the one I was most looking forward to. A food tour!!! I was excited about eating at the local haunts rather than the usual overpriced tourist traps. At USD$55 per person, it is […]

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