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A Housewife’s Tale episode 85

Had a pretty good week filled with awesome food and some more driving. I am still stressed out when I am on the road  and have yet ventured to the freeways, but hopefully by next week I shall be more comfortable behind the wheel! . Sunday – I ran out of groceries and had to […]

Housewife’s Tale episode 63

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I was pretty busy all week running errands and buying food; everything turned out pretty good~ . Sunday – Meep and I went to Lion’s supermarket. I have been meaning to head over and pick up some pork ribs because they have the “small” cut ones perfect for black bean spare ribs. We […]

Housewife’s Tale episode 62

Sunday – Meep left for NOLA early in the morning. 🙁 As usual, I am a total bum when it comes to cooking for myself I ate hot dogs and egg on Sunday AND Monday. . Monday – Hot dogs & eggs~ . Tuesday – Thank God for Popeye’s!! I went out all day w […]

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