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Housewife’s tale episode 61

61 weeks and still going strong (sorta). I have not been really thinking about what to experiment or cook with lately, because all I can think about is everything I need done before heading home. It is horrible! Well, I am horrible but luckily Meep is not a picky eater and would eat whatever I […]

Housewife’s Tale episode 60

Sunday – we started Sunday off with the usual breakfast. I picked up some of those rectangular hashbrown patties and wanted to see if they tasted like the ones McD has. And they did! $1.99 well spent. For dinner – Black bean spare ribs, pea sprouts and oyster mushrooms. . . Monday – Been totally […]

Housewife’s Tale episode 59

Sunday – I love weekends… no wait, correct that Meep loves weekends~ It has certainly become a weekend ritual that I prepare brunch that consisted of different variations of french toast, pancakes, eggs, bacon or hotdog (I m not a fan of breakfast sausages). I normally use whatever bread we have at home but this […]

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