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The Rotunda – San Francisco, CA

The Rotunda was an interesting choice for lunch (at least for me). Our original intent was to head over for afternoon tea but it was not available till after 2.30 pm and we were hungry by noon. So the other option was the regular lunch menu. Eating in a department store (albeit a nice one) […]

Weekend in Vancouver – Day 2

It’s the BIG DAY!!! Meep and I didn’t get home till past 330 am the night before and it was a tad painful trying to get ready in the morning. I have to say, I must be the least “groomed” best man yet! Just threw on a dress and a failed attempt to dry my […]

Central Park Bistro – San Mateo, CA

Another group lunch in San Mateo to celebrate a new addition to the now fully staffed group. ^_^ I am no longer the “newbie” but am still the bottom of the totem pole (all good tho). I love team lunches coz it just gives us all a break from work and just chat over a […]

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