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Pho Kim Long – San Jose (updated), CA

Vietnamese – my version of the ultimate comfort food. I don’t know any dish so far that I dislike, but I can’t say I have tried every dish; just the typical rice dishes and noodles. Meep and I used to eat Vietnamese at least once a week back in Vancouver. Our favourite place was literally […]

Housewife’s Tale episode 46

week 46! I am getting closer and closer to the 1 yr mark~ It is slightly unsettling how quickly I have adapted to this “housewife” lifestyle. I do not plan to get stuck in this rut and not be used to being a working individual *crosses fingers* Other than these slightly depressing thoughts, I found […]

Housewife’s tale episode 29

2 weeks late! *gulp* I spent Easter long weekend at the in laws. Meep couldn’t go so I went alone for a week long vacation to Edmonton. Dad in law’s 60th birthday fell on the Saturday. =) I had a pretty awesome time hanging out with old friends and reliving good times. ^__^ I spent […]

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