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Tutta Bella – Seattle, WA

Youngest SIL’s very first post!!!! . I live in a little neighborhood called Columbia City in Seattle. It’s apparently the most diverse zip code in all of the United States and I just love everything is has to offer, especially all of the eateries. One of the eateries we have in Columbia City is Tutta […]

Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria- San Jose, CA

After Game 2 of the NHL Finals; DK, Meep and I decided to grab a bite to eat around the area. While I have been a couple times and thought the food was decent, Meep has never been so he thought we should try it out. It is right smack in downtown San Jose and […]

Central Park Bistro – San Mateo, CA

Another group lunch in San Mateo to celebrate a new addition to the now fully staffed group. ^_^ I am no longer the “newbie” but am still the bottom of the totem pole (all good tho). I love team lunches coz it just gives us all a break from work and just chat over a […]

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