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Housewife’s Tale Episode 43

What a week! Well, not as intense as the week before; uneventful but a good busy week. The week started off w a bang (literally): It was July 4th, Meep and I dropped B & N at SFO, and when we were on the way; one of the front tyres blew up! We ended up […]

Sweet and Sour

In this case, sweet and sour chicken~ I love love love this version sweet and sour. I think it is coz the sauce is mainly composed of KETCHUP aka Tomato sauce. ^__^ I add ketchup to everything. Ketchup with eggs, Ketchup with instant noodles, Ketchup to steaks, Ketchup to curry (yup.. curry) and even plain […]

Kimchi jiigae/ Kimchi stew

This is my rendition. I don’t think there is a rule book when it comes to a dish like this. It is perfect when you have veggies in ur fridge that you need to get rid of. First time I made this dish was in Vancouver. Back then Dee used to love this over rice, […]

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