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My very first DishCrawl event – Palo Alto

When I first heard about DishCrawl, I was definitely a skeptic.  The thought of paying someone to take me around to unknown restaurants for an evening didn’t sit quite well with this control freak.  But I got to say, after our first ever Dishcrawl Palo Alto last month, Meeps and I had a really good time! […]

Weekend in Vancouver – Day 1

Hi Peeps! Was in Vancouver for my bestie’s wedding and definitely ate enough to write a substantial post on the dining scene~ Had what I felt was the best non-Chinese wedding meal at Brix; hit up the Richmond Night Market and 3 other restaurants for their best dishes! Instead of flying into Vancouver, we thought […]

The Olive Bar – Campbell, CA

Stumbled upon this cute little store that sells olive oil in Campbell. It was perfect timing since I was there w a couple ladies who have been keen on doing some olive oil tasting in Napa, but this is way closer. The moment I walked in the store, I could not wipe the smile of […]

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