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Ramen Santouka (2) – San Jose, CA

A trip to our new favourite ramen place: Santouka. Nothing beats a bowl of chewy noodles in a salty full bodied broth on a rainy gloomy day. Introduction to Santouka here. . Finally got the chance to order the Toroniku Ramen. Their special pork #9 Toroniku (special pork) Salt flavour Ramen (Large size) $11.95 + […]

Ramen Santouka – San Jose, CA

Ramen~ To be honest, before moving here I was never too excited about ramen. 7 and Cat used to be the only reasons why I would spend over $9 for a bowl of what I saw as Japanese “instant” noodles. Vancouver had a couple popular spots that always had lines around the block and I […]

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