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The Rotunda – San Francisco, CA

The Rotunda was an interesting choice for lunch (at least for me). Our original intent was to head over for afternoon tea but it was not available till after 2.30 pm and we were hungry by noon. So the other option was the regular lunch menu. Eating in a department store (albeit a nice one) […]

DarTealing Lounge – San Francisco, CA

I love high tea! Actually to be more accurate, I love the idea of high tea – insane amount of food especially scones and clotted cream and lovely company~ Typically, I don’t even like sandwiches that much BUT when they are cut into little pieces and I get to eat 4 -6 varieties; they aren’t […]

Central Kitchen – San Francisco

I have always been curious about Flour + Water for quite some time now, and A knows it too. So when she read about the Chef Thomas McNaughton’s Central Kitchen, she pinged me and we made plans to dine there. We got a reso for 6.30 pm on a nice sunny Saturday. It was easy […]

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