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House of Pho – Sunnyvale, CA

This is V’s favourite spot for pho. For a vietnamese restaurant, it was pretty “posh”. With a little fountain near the front, nice wooden booths and spread out tables. The place got packed really fast during dinner time. Menu is extensive like all Vietnamese restaurants – there was a range of noodles, rice, appetizers, desserts drinks.

Palace BBQ Buffet – Sunnyvale, CA

Meep & I have only been to Palace BBQ twice in the past 2 years, it is usually the 1 hour wait that puts us off. The we found out that they no longer serve our favourite cut of meat (the Wang Galbi) so there was one more reason to not go there. After over […]

Bon Chon Chicken – Sunnyvale, CA

I heard a  lot about Bon Chon and finally got around to trying it when it finally opened in South Bay! V & I were always trying to find the right Spicy Korean Fried Chicken that beats what she had in LA. Restaurant was clean and pretty nicely laid out. First greeted with a menu […]

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