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Christmas Day at Home

I am definitely setting a record with Christmas dinners this year~ This is the fifth Christmas dinner and I can’t even keep track of what I have already posted. So Meep and I had a dinner, then I had one with the ladies, one with B&B, one w Meep and the family (courtesy of Meep […]

Weekend in Vancouver – Day 1

Hi Peeps! Was in Vancouver for my bestie’s wedding and definitely ate enough to write a substantial post on the dining scene~ Had what I felt was the best non-Chinese wedding meal at Brix; hit up the Richmond Night Market and 3 other restaurants for their best dishes! Instead of flying into Vancouver, we thought […]

Happy Birthday!

Ok, this post is a little late. Just a little… This year, my birthday is a lot more eventful than the last. Not because last year’s birthday was bad, but this year was filled with way more stuff going on. First of, on the weekend before my birthday Meep took us to Monterey. He has […]

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