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Macy’s Culinary Council featuring an Iron Chef AND a Top Chef Judge

Macy’s Culinary Council and cooking demonstrations by two top chefs; featuring Marc Forgione and Michelle Bernstein? Say what???!!  This was all new to me till I got news of this event through Everywhere.  During this event, both Chefs shared Nespresso infused recipes that have been created for Nespresso’s Grand Chef Rendezvouz at the Ferry Building […]


Hi all! Is it really 2013?! 2012 has been spectacular – got a job, dined all about town constantly and had a handful of great trips as well. I was going to do a short recap of my favourite moments of  each month in 2012 but the entry became a little too extensive so I […]

Christmas Day at Home

I am definitely setting a record with Christmas dinners this year~ This is the fifth Christmas dinner and I can’t even keep track of what I have already posted. So Meep and I had a dinner, then I had one with the ladies, one with B&B, one w Meep and the family (courtesy of Meep […]

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