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Housewife’s tale episode 27.

I know I say this at every end of the week. But I find it hard to believe that is has been 27 weeks. That is 189 days! I calculated it three times to make sure I got it right. That is half a WHOLE year of this housewife business. That is not even including […]

Why do you eat?

Kinda ambiguous question. How should I phrase it better… When you eat, what is your objective? Is it just to satisfy hunger or for more psychological reasons? Reason I am posting this is because – I sometimes eat things that aren’t the “best” or sometimes pretty sh*t. I eat them not because of its amazing […]

Cajun pasta

This recipe is inspired by Gordon Biersch’s cajun pasta, which wowed me the first time and left me sad n disappointed the second. This sauce is spicy, creamy with generous amounts of shrimp/prawns, chicken and garlic sausage. What you will need (feeds about 3) 250 ml  whipping cream 1 chicken breast (cut into 1/2 inch […]

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