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Housewife’s tale episode 26

What a week. Week came and left like it never even happened. I caught some bug and is now down w the flu. Not impressed at all!!! . Before I crawl back under the covers and watch movie after movie to ignore how miserable I feel – I should get this menu recap done! . […]


Rabokkie = Ramyun + Dukbokkie/Tteokbokkie Still confused? Putting it plainly in English, instant noodles and korean rice cakes cooked in a spicy sweet sauce. *laughs* . The first time I had this was a month ago at M’s. Before M introduced this term to me, I have only tried the original rice cakes by itself. […]

I need one of these….

ok fine. I guess this is not a NEED, more like a WANT. But regardless – I want one of these… One day…….

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