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Ramen Santouka – San Jose, CA

Ramen~ To be honest, before moving here I was never too excited about ramen. 7 and Cat used to be the only reasons why I would spend over $9 for a bowl of what I saw as Japanese “instant” noodles. Vancouver had a couple popular spots that always had lines around the block and I […]

Housewife’s Tale episode 58

Each week, I am less affected by the increasing number of episodes. I mean, the idea of being a housewife for even half a year used to scare the crap out of me. But now 58 weeks later, I am still quite enjoying this. I am prolly not cooking and experimenting as much the past […]

Crawdaddy (Revisited) – San Jose, CA

After 4 visits, and I decided to update my last entry on Crawdaddy. Meep and I went there on a Saturday afternoon after having the worse cravings for Seafood a couple nights ago. Our original plan was to head to Boiling Crab but the wait was over an hour for 2.30 pm on a Saturday!! […]

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