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Old Village Seafood Restaurant – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

At the end of December, Meep & I along with 6 cousins & my sis went to Kota Kinabalu (KK) for 3 nights. On our first night, everyone asked Meep what he felt like eating for dinner and he said “Seafood!”. It is almost as though he knew that KK is quite well known to […]

A Housewife’s Tale episode 86

What a week!! Another week before this housewife has to be sitting behind a wheel at the DMV (eeks!). But before all that, I was excited that Sis in law & S are visiting and I have an idea of where we will be taking them and eating. 😀 . Sunday – BBQ at A […]

Drinks & Eats at the Border – Kuala Lurah, Malaysia

Living in Brunei, a dry muslim country meant being creative when it comes to finding a nice place to drink and have a good time. It used to be at friends’ homes or the beach until we got older. Then everyone drove and had access to their own passports! This meant heading to the border […]

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