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TomiSushi – San Jose, CA

One of my favourite places in the Bay Area for sashimi~ We brought Bern & NC here for dinner (only because we got lost trying to find Gochi) on their first night here. When we got there, there was a line out the door (Friday night). It took about half an hour to get a […]

Tong Soon Garden Restaurant – Santa Clara, CA

This is a Chinese restaurant in the middle of Korean establishments~ I was unsure about whether we were walking into a Chinese restaurant or a Korean restaurant that serves some Chinese food. Turns out to be a Chinese run restaurant but with Korean servers (LOL) and menus were in Chinese, Korean & English. It was […]

A Housewife’s Tale episode 95

Another week has come and gone~ I can’t believe it has been 95 weeks, we are hitting a hundred pretty soon and I am actually ok with it. Who knew, that I would be ok being a housewife for almost 100 weeks!! That is almost 2 whole years. It is unbelievable how time flies when […]

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