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Ivar’s Salmon House – Seattle, WA

First dinner in Seattle! After an entertaining Duck Tour (yes… can’t get any more tourist-y than that), and A LOT of walking, I was pretty psyched about a nice relaxing dinner. Other than hanging out w the SILs; we were also having dinner w youngest SIL’s in laws and celebrating a birthday. Youngest SIL & […]

A Housewife’s Tale episode 107

Another week has come and gone. It scares me how times flies, weeks pass in a blink of an eye and before I know it 2 years have passed! After a little over 2 years of travelling, blogging and being domestic; I am totally antsy with this job hunting process and totally stressing out unnecessarily. […]

Crab Pot Restaurant & Bar – Seattle, WA

Our very first meal after a 2 hour drive from Vancouver to Seattle. After walking around downtown towards the waterfront, youngest SIL suggested we just grab a bite at Crab Pot. We were all happy to obliged, I mean can’t go wrong with seafood in Seattle, right? The best Dungeness crab I have ever had […]

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