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LB Steak – San Jose, CA

After an intense couple weeks, I needed a break from just doing whatever I had been doing. V suggested taking me out for a nice dinner and some drinks along Santana Row in San Jose. Why not?? One does not always need a special occasion to splurge~ LB Steak has only been around for a […]

Thanksgiving feast!!!

Thanksgiving feasts this year~ I kept thinking I was forgetting something, and realised while cooking that I did not prepare any apptisers! Not that we needed it since it was wayyy too much food for 3 people although we did really well especially after I packed some turkey for SK and for M&W coz they […]

Cafe Bellagio – Las Vegas, NV

After lounging by the pool and splitting a massive burger with Meep, I was more than ready for a full meal mid afternoon. Before heading to the airport, we met up w Cuz C & M for a quick bite and she suggested Cafe Bellagio. Cafe Bellagio is located right next to the gorgeous Bellagio […]

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