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A Slice of New York – San Jose, CA

Was having one of those random late night cravings for pizza and found this place not to far from home. Meep and I took advantage of the nice warm evening to go grab and few slices for a mini date. The pizzeria is right next to a live Jazz bar so we had nice music […]

A Housewife’s Tale episode 120

120 weeks and counting~ No longer a housewife but I guess for this blog name to make sense, I will continue with the Housewife’s Weekly episodes of our menu recap! Sunday – $3.99 per lb for live Dungeness crab?!! What a steal! We were at Ranch 99 when we saw that crabs were on sale, […]

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot – Cupertino, CA

Finally Little Sheep close enough for me to try without driving half hour!! I have heard about Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot since my Vancouver days (There is one in Richmond) but never tried it because my roomie’s favourite is Cattle Hot Pot and so we would eat there everytime we have a craving. After […]

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