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Betelnut – San Francisco, CA

The restaurant pride itself on serving distintive local dishes that are popular among drinkers at drinking locales. A range of favourite from South East Asia & China are available with barely any twist and quite reminiscent of the originals but just a tad more sophisticated. The restaurant seemed a tad tiny when we got there […]

A Housewife’s Tale episode 125

Another good week!! It is gonna get better with the Chinese new Year celebrations coming up and new opportunities!!! But lets save the best for last… for now the weekly updates: . Sunday – Went to Ranch99 and loaded up on groceries. Saw some nice looking salmon heads so I got one and decided to […]

Chinese New Year feast @ Koi Palace – Daly City, CA

CP, whom I met thru SK & A a couple years back planned this dinner to start of our Dragon year with an amazing feast. She made reservations for 13 at 8 pm but the restaurant was packed and we finally got seated at about 8.20 pm. Our whole meal lasted almost 2 hours (only […]

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