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A Housewife’s Tale episode 130

Meep has been bugging me about changing the title of these weekly menu recaps since the name no longer applies. Problem is, I barely have any creative juice at any given day (the title of this blog and weekly episode came to me during a conversation with my sis, it could have been her idea […]

Incanto – San Francisco, CA

Mission “Satisfy CL’s Cravings” is almost complete! Out of all the choices of restaurants to eat on her 4 day visit, the one that meant the most was eating at Incanto and we even saw Chef Consentino in action (although he did not look like he was having a good day at all and CL […]

Cactus Club Cafe – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Another meal with J in Edmonton! We wanted to hang out in the mall after lunch and one of the dining options next to West Edmonton mall is the Cactus Club. Apparently, since Cactus Club opened up in Edmonton from BC, it has been a huge hit. We went on a Tuesday lunch and the […]

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