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A Housewife’s Tale episode 143

Another busy week but it ended with a long weekend! Nothing too exciting other than the usual working, running and eating. And here is what we had: . Sunday – Spent the afternoon at Costco and that means having the delicious Beef Hot Dogs! Dinner was Ginger Soy Chicken. . . Monday – I ate […]

Escape Fish Bar – San Diego, CA

After driving into Gas Lamp from Temecula and checking in; we were a tad too lazy to get dressed up and make our way to Nobu so I canceled that reservation. I ended up picking Escape Fish Bar that was only a block or so away from our hotel. It was while strip of bars […]

Sushi Boat – Temecula, CA

The moment we landed in San Diego, we picked up our rental car and drove an hour over to Temecula to meet up w JR and new baby E! I knew she was craving sushi during her pregnancy so we offered to bring over lunch. Looking back, I should have asked her where to go […]

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