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Juan in a Million – Austin, TX

I have been a little slacking on review and this one is a little late since my visit to Austin was back in May.  But there is no way I have forgotten how much fun and all the good food Austin has to offer.  First thing I did was revisit my pictures for Juan in […]

Potato Gnocchi

Meep is a huge fan of gnocchi. If there is gnocchi on the menu, he usually ends up ordering it (unless I was doing the ordering for him). The first time I made gnocchi has to be over 1.5 years ago… it didn’t turn out great because I did not have a potato ricer (trust […]

Macy’s Culinary Council featuring an Iron Chef AND a Top Chef Judge

Macy’s Culinary Council and cooking demonstrations by two top chefs; featuring Marc Forgione and Michelle Bernstein? Say what???!!  This was all new to me till I got news of this event through Everywhere.  During this event, both Chefs shared Nespresso infused recipes that have been created for Nespresso’s Grand Chef Rendezvouz at the Ferry Building […]

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